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Exams to obtain an international certificate of Russian language

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International certificates of Rusian language

Information about the exams to obtain an international certificate will be published during the Summer Semester 2017.

Knowledge of the language and level of appropriate tests can be verified on the following pages, where there are e-tests that were used in the past years:

www.pushkin.institute – Институт русского языка им. Пушкина – сертификаты – it is possible to download sampe tests of all levels

zlat.spb.ru  –  pages of the publishing house Zlatoust, in section „Электронные книги“ it is possible to download some tests free-of-charge, including tests of a very advanced language level

kto-rki.org – tests and also a test of a current language level that will help determine, what level of testing to choose

www.rsvk.cz – russkij jazyk – sample tests