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Profil of Department of Russian Language

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Teaching of the Russian language at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) has a long history. Russian was already taught during the time of the First Republic at the Commercial College, which was the foundation of VŠE. Many famous and acknowledged Russian language experts, such as prof. dr. Leontij Kopeckij, DrSc., doc. dr. Milan Balcar, CSc., doc. dr. Vladimír Hucl, CSc., doc. dr. Jaroslav Bezděk, CSc., and others, were part of the Department.

Main objective of the Department was and is research of scholarly language of the economists. Results of such reasearch were afterwards used in many textbooks, dictionaries, published lecture notes, and other teaching aids. Teachers of the Department presented the outcomes of their research in reports and statements at MAPRJAL congress, russian symposiums, speakers‘ sessions and seminars.

The Department also teaches professional Czech for international students, whose study at VŠE has a long tradition. For the puropose of teaching Czech language, the teachers of the Department wrote several university published lecture notes and other teaching aids. Lately, major emphasis is placed on teaching Russian and Czech languages based on English, for needs and purpose of the CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) and CESP (Central and East European Studies Program) programs.