Ph.D. Study

Russian for Ph.D. studies –  RUJ901

PhDr. Marie Horvátová

Scope of the course (number of hours): 32


The course provides students with the language skills necessary for succesful communication in their research activity. Spoken language is aimed at presenting their own ideas and views during negotiations. Written language is focused on a professional language and its specifics (technical vocabulary, word formation) and on practice of translation of professional texts into Czech, to be used when writing a doctoral thesis.


Graduate of the course will learn to present his/her work in a foreign language Will be able to use knowledge of a foreign language in the translation of foreign language materials and solve problems in professional translation.


  1. Презентация
  2. Подготовка пeреговоров и участие в них
  3. Выступление в прениях
  4. Выступление на научной конференции
  5. Организация деловой встречи
  6. Заграничная командировка и встреча с зарубежными учеными

Methods of teaching: Basic teaching method is the direct teaching, with a significant proportion of individual self-study using modern information technology, particularly the Internet and multimedia. Emphasis is placed on mastering professional language, required when processing individual projects and their presentation in Russian language. Important component are individually provided consultations.

Requirements for succesful completion:

Presentation of the results of own scientific work: grading 0 to 40 points

Final exam – written part: grading 0 to 30 points, spoken part: grading 0 to 30 points

Total maximum: 100 points


О.А. Ускова, Л.Б. Трушина: Элитный персонал и Ко, 2002, ISBN 5-88337-020-9

Marie Horvátová, Marcela Hutarová: Ruská korespondence a jednání , 2001, ISBN 80-86119-40-8
Milan Balcar: Ruská gramatika v kostce, 2002, ISBN 80-245-0303-4