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Guide to courses for bachelor’s and master’s level study


All Russian courses are intended only for students who are studying it as a foreign language!

For all those who want to start with Russian: 2RU101 (3 credits) or intensive 2RU108 (6 credits)

  • Progression of the courses: 2RU101– 2RU102 – 2RU103 – 2RU104 – 2RU105 – 2RU106
  • Recommended additional courses (after completing at least 2RU104): 2RU411Russian Grammar, 2RU412 Russian Grammar 2, 2RU110 Russian language – Preparation for certificated exam B1, 2RU303 Russian Conversation for Intermediate

For all those, who completed the entrance exam in Russian, or want to study professional Russian respectively:

  • Progression of the courses: 2RU201– 2RU212 – 2RU203 – 2RU204 – 2RU205 – 2RU206
  • Recommended additional courses: 2RU401Economic and Cultural Life in Russia, 2RU305 Economic Life in Russia,  2RU303 Russian Conversation for Intermediate, 2RU304 Russian Conversation for Advanced, 2RU502 Russian Academic Writing, 2RU411 Russian Grammar 1, 2RU412 Russian Grammar 2, 2RU501 Business Russian, 2RU315 Russian languague – Preparation for certificated exam Vantage

For all those, who want to obtain an international cerficate in Russian:

  • 2RU315Russian languague – Preparation for certificated exam Vantage, 2RU110 Russian languague – Preparation for certificated exam B1

For Ph.D. students:

  • RUJ901Ruština pro doktorandské studium
  • RUJ901Russian for Ph.D. Students


Currently, the Czech language is not a mandatory language for international students, however to succesfully cope with studies at VŠE, it is highly recommended. All Czech courses offered are optional for all foreigners. Students should register the courses, so that there is a logical subsequence of them (2RU237 — 2RU238). Students have an option to also study Czech grammar (2RU331 — 2RU332). Czech courses are not for those students, who passed a Czech high-school leaving exam.

For beginners, the courses are: 2RU131 – 2RU132, 2RU135

Students, who wish to study any course without receiving or earning a credit for them, ie only by interest, have an option to register a course as a life-long learning study course. In that case, the price is 2.100,-CZk in a given semester.